Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This Month's Uber Special Deal :)

Enjoy 15% Savings in our Beads & Botanicals Zibbet Shop for the entire month of Feb.
Zibbet is a newer venue on the web and we are watching it grow by leaps and bounds! Thought it would be a nice incentive for you to take a peek at our goodies on Zibbet by offering a good sale.
Enjoy & Happy Designing! Daniel & Jenelle


  1. Just placed a small order, and am so excited! I am soooo in love with your beads, they are truly exceptional!! I wish I could buy more, but my hours were just cut at work, the day job I have to keep. Hopefully, if I can sell some more jewelry using your product I can just make jewelry for a living!!

  2. Thanks Sharon =~) Yay! looking forward to sending you some pretty glass goodies to create with, happy designing ♥ Jenelle