Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kalypso Gold

KALYPSO GOLD | Gorgeous new Kalypso Glass by Double Helix reacts in shimmering light-capturing patterns in these Rounded Tab Button Beads with matching accents.OOAK.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Café au lait

Café au lait | Rubino Oro makes a lovely Warm Toasted Coffee Bean Base with Cranberry Hues, with Fine Italian Silver, Goldstone, and Twisted Cane accenting and Golden Fumed Organic Seed beads to match. OOAK.

Bella la Luna

BELLA LA LUNA |Many Beautiful Moons adorn these elegant glass lentil beads with Fine Italian Silver and Hand Pulled Twisted Cane Accenting and petite organic seed beads to match.OOAK.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Merlot & Cabernet

MERLOT and CABERNET |Fine Italian Silver sparkles under a veil of Fuchsia Pink & Crystal, framed by Twists of Deep Crystal Plum with coordinating Organic Seed Beads & Petite Diamond/Crystals.OOAK.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Starfish!

HAPPY STARFISH | Bright Red-Orange Sea Creature hanging out on a Light Ivory Lentil bead, Request this bead ETCHED for a softer matte sea-glass look... This listing is for ONE (1) Glass Lampwork Lentil Shaped Bead.

Aloe Tiger .

ALOE TIGER |Purrrr... Lovely Organic Strand with matching Button Focal, Plum reactions with Raku, Fine Silver & Ivory, Teal Crystal, and Aloe Green with Silver Droplets here and there. OOAK.

Earth Sea Sky - New OOAK Glass Bead Set

EARTH SEA SKY |Crystal Teal & Emerald dazzle next to earthen hues of raku reactives and golden fumed Fine Italian Silver. Handpulled Goldstone and Golden Amber Accents, Organic Hand Faceted Disks and Rounded Organic Nuggets. Warm, Bright, and Intricate Collection. OOAK.

Ooohhh earthen Raku with JunGle Forest Blendings- new OrGaNic Glass Lampwork beads

EARTHEN FOREST RAKU | Transparent Emerald & Teal Blended with Raku Reactions in Neutral Beige, Tan, Ocher, Plum, and Magenta, encased in glossy crystal... (15)Fifteen Glass Lampwork Beads, hand faceted to capture the light with a lovely visual texture.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

New OOAK sets listed today :)

OOAK BUTTONS | Like Button Beads? We do too :) Here is a nice strand of our trial beads, experimenting with new reactions and color combinations has it's perks.

CASINO ROYAL | Decadent. Rustic. Island Sunset.| Deep Plum, Magenta, Fuchsia, Purple, & Light Pink Reactions, given the spotlight against a backdrop of Golden Fine Silver Fumed Diamonds, matched with a long Organic Strand, Organic Disks, and Plenty of accent choices to get creative juices flowing. OOAK.

ISLAND LUAU |Lot's of Bling ♥ Fine Italian Silver Dazzles under wisps of Bright Transparent Peach & Rose, framed by Turquoise & Lilac with coordinating accents & rounds.OOAK.

PELE GOLD STRAND | Individually Hand Faceted Organic Style Glass Bead Strand, dazzling in reactive gilt fumed hues & Fine Italian Silver Accenting. OOAK.

PERSEID TRIBAL | Modern. Urban. Elegant. Rustic.|Reactions in Plum, Raku, Sparkling Blue Aventurine, Fine Silver & Ivory, over a base of Camo Silk Stone, with Fumed Accents and Fine Silver Drenched Mirrored Rounds. OOAK.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Ambrosia Palace | Bejeweled Glass

AMBROSIA PALACE | Bejeweled Barrels drenched in Fine Italian Silver with fumed golden accents and rich reactions in Plum, Fuchsia, Teal, and Magenta. Coordinates accompany in Semi-Matte Plum, Crystal Lapis with Fine Silver, and Golden Iris. OOAK.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Masquerade in Olive Buttons and Organics OOAK

MASQUERADE in OLIVE | Button Trio in Reactive Glass and Fine silver with coordinating free-hand faceted Organics in Olive and Reactive raku, and organic accents in crystal Cobalt with Fine Italian Silver (etched for a smooth sea glass finish). OOAK.

SANDSTONE and RAINBOW |(3) Three free-hand Faceted Organic Glass Lampwork Beads with Fine Italian Silver Accenting and glossy crystal encasing for extra depth and bling. OOAK.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Beads in New Online Shop- Like OOAK?

CANYON | Special Rustic Reactive Glass in Ocher and Sunset hues, textured with hand blown glass shards and amber crystal details, accompanied by accenting petite rounds and organic disks.

AEGEAN CRYSTAL | Aqua & Teal Crystal Blended in a cool breeze motif encasing wisps of Plum Violet and paired with hand pulled and twisted Onyx Filigrana and dazzling encased Fine Italian Silver...

We have opened a special OOAK (One Of A Kind) online store on Etsy. Here you will find upscale bead sets and focals, completely unique, no reproductions, ready to ship the same or next business day. This is where we will stretch our creative wings and offer up our newest designs first =0) Daniel & Jenelle