Thursday, March 23, 2017

Summer Seed beads and new Lampwork Collections

handmade lampwork beads

Organic seed beads for jewelry design

Paradise Lampwork beads for Artisan Jewelry Design

Jewelry findings for upscale designs

handmade lampwork with fine silver

Paradise Lampwork beads by Jenelle Aubade

Matte lampwork, sea glass texture

New bead collections weekly, lampwork art glass for jewelry design

knotted lampwork necklace strands by Jenelle Aubade

Boheme necklace with art glass by jenelle aubade Heart of Glass

Jenelle Aubade glass art necklace

Heart of Glass Necklaces by Jenelle Aubade

Handmade lampwork with silver

Diamond glass beads by Daniel Caracas Paradise Beads

Heart Focal Lmapwork Bead with fine silver

Jewelry Design finding for upscale art

Luxury glass art bead paradise beads .net

Handmade lampwork beads with fine silver

Fine glass art beads

Glass lampwork rounds by paradise beads

Upcycled glass lampwork beads

Lampwork with gold and silver

Wildflower lampwork beads

Handmade glass diamond beads with silver

Heart Focal bead with gold and silver Paradise lampwork

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

SO many new beads Handmade Lampwork Paradise Beads Update

HI all! Updates =)

You can currently find our beads in the US retail location BEADS and NEEDS

Address: 207 W Rockrimmon Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80919, USA
Phone: +1 719-599-3300
Open Mon-Sat · 10AM–6PM

and online at:

View our collection of over 40 lampwork tutorials in ebook format in our artfire store and on Amazon, and Amazon Kindle.

Lampwork Knotted Necklace - Luna

Jewelry featuring our Sea Salt Beads

Handmade lampwork Glass Art Heart Bead

Lampwork with Double Helix Glass

Lampwork Heart Bead with Fine Silver

Lampwork  Knotted Necklace

Goldstone Lampwork by Paradise Beads

Handmade lampwork for jewelry design

Handmade lampwork Jewelry Findings, art glass

Ocean Moon Lampwork

Jenelle Aubade Necklace

Jenelle Aubade Necklace

Handmade Organic Lampwork Jenelle Aubade Paradise beads

Sea Salt Lampwork Beads

Jenelle Aubade Heart of Glass Bio