Friday, September 17, 2010

New OOAK Focals and more :)

ENCHANTED FOREST | Magical bits of Fine Italian Silver add glow to the surface of this Tapered Hand Shaped Barrel Focal Bead. Lots of Depth with Reactive Silvered Glass Accents. I think of Moss, Fireflies, and Magic when looking at this pretty!.OOAK.

CLEOPATRA | Moody Constellation with Tiny Bits of Sparkling Fine Italian Silver, Rich Silver Laden Glasses with Intricate Stinger Work, and Fun hand shaped organic twists meet in this Hand Shaped Squeezed Focal Bead.OOAK.
 ANDROMEDA | Intricate and Ornate Long Lightly Tapered Barrel Focal in Silver Reflective Glass with Plum, Fuchsia, and Magenta Bubble-dot accenting. Combined with a Cornucopia of Matching Organics, Petite Rounds, and one Lentil Shaped Medium Focal Bead as well. This is a purple and amethyst lover's dream! OOAK.

 BRANDYWINE | New Double Helix Silvered Glass 'Kalypso" is the star of the show in these hand faceted organic Glass Beads with Fine Italian Silver Accenting. OOAK.

CANYON STRAND | Individually Hand Faceted Organic Style Glass Bead Strand. Hand Mixed and Blended Glass Colors- completely unique! Rust, Cocoa, Harvest, Dark Plum, Turquoise, Copper Red, and Sea green are some of the colors that make up this rustic set. Etched for a Smooth as Sea Glass Finish, with Fine Italian Silver Accenting. OOAK.
 GOLDEN PALACE | Bejeweled Hand Shaped Barrel Beads with a base of Golden White with Fine Italian Silver Accenting, intricate Hand Pulled Twisted Tiger Stringer work, and Bubble Dots in Mesmerizing Shades of Dark Violet, Plum, and Magenta, with Coordinating Accents :) OOAK.


  1. Oh my goodness, they all are to die for ! Your work is so so amazing, so inventive.
    Don't you want to come here in France and give some workshops ?

  2. the Canyon strand is spectacular! I looked on your pages but couldn't find it . definitely caught my eye xxx

  3. Thank you! :)

    Laura the Canyon Strand is in our New OOAK Shop on Etsy :

    -we needed a place to showcase our experimental and newer pieces :)

    How is your new home by the way!? All settled in? Takes a while sometimes... I really hope you are having a great time♥♥♥ Jenelle